Into the Wild

Into the Wild

Wheat Beer with Kiwano Fruit

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Into the Wild is a refreshing 5.2%abv wheat beer brewed with kiwano fruit. This beer was brewed to help celebrate the opening of the new African Savanna exhibit at the Fort Worth Zoo. Fans of our seasonal beer – Parker County Peach – are sure to enjoy Into the Wild. Kiwano is a melony/kiwi/cucumber like refreshing fruit native to Africa.

Adventure Pairing:

This collaboration is a celebration of the conservation efforts of the Fort Worth Zoo. The main emphasis of the African Savanna expansion is the repopulation of the Southern Black Rhino. Check out the Fort Worth Zoo next time you’re in town. It is truly passionate group of people working hard to save these animals.


April 2018
Draft and 6-pack 12oz cans

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