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Juice is a thirsty hop-lovers summer dream.  Plenty of cascade hops marry beautifully with the juicy grapefruit flavor we get from a generous addition of grapefruit peel.  The lower 5% alcohol content makes this sessionable, thirst-quenching beer satisfy all day long.

Adventure Pairing:

Hold tightly onto your pint of Juice and enjoy summer the way an adult should – by slip-n-sliding.  Juice pairs nicely with the cool slippery water to keep the summer heat in check.  The thrill of the slide can only be match by the thrill of drinking Juice.



6-pack 12oz Cans
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Here’s What People are Saying.

This has the perfect balance of hoppy, bitterness, and sweet from the grapefruit. Wow, what a great beer.

Kyle Blauer

Crisp amber with a white head. Grapefruit, piney hops, sticky and florals. Great palate, florals, grapefruit, sticky and a smooth finish.


The grapefruit is strong in this one. Some hop bitterness on the finish but it’s all grapefruit other than that.

Will Telfer

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