Imperial Smoked Black Rye Oaked Raspberry IPA

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Kafkaesque is defined thusly:

  1. Marked by a senseless, disorienting, often menacing complexity.
  2. Marked by surreal distortion and often a sense of impending danger.

We took the definition of Kafkaesque seriously when we created this beer.  Our brewers viewed it as a challenge to create a beer so complex and bizarre that it would make Franz himself proud.  We started with an Imperial IPA, then we transformed it into a rye IPA with a menacing portion of rye malt.  Then, we made it disorientingly black with some heavily roasted malts.  We needed more complexity, so we made it surreally smoky with cherry-wood smoked malts.  Lastly, we added 300 lbs of raspberries for fruitiness, and everybody knows you can’t have a complex beer without wood, so we let sit on toasted American oak.  We know that you will find this Imperial Smoked Black Rye Oaked Raspberry IPA to be very Kafkaesque.


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Adventure Pairing:

“The subjective thinker’s form, the form of his communication, is his style. His form must be just as manifold as are the opposites that he holds together. The systematic eins, zwei, drei is an abstract form that also must inevitably run into trouble whenever it is to be applied to the concrete. To the same degree as the subjective thinker is concrete, to the same degree his form must also be concretely dialectical. But just as he himself is not a poet, not an ethicist, not a dialectician, so also his form is none of these directly. His form must first and last be related to existence, and in this regard he must have at his disposal the poetic, the ethical, the dialectical, the religious. Subordinate character, setting, etc., which belong to the well balanced character of the esthetic production, are in themselves breadth; the subjective thinker has only one setting—existence—and has nothing to do with localities and such things. The setting is not the fairyland of the imagination, where poetry produces consummation, nor is the setting laid in England, and historical accuracy is not a concern. The setting is inwardness in existing as a human being; the concretion is the relation of the existence-categories to one another. Historical accuracy and historical actuality are breadth.” Søren Kierkegaard (Concluding Postscript, Hong p. 357–358)


Here’s What People are Saying.

Reading off the ingredients of this beer, you would think the brew masters just took everything they had on hand and dumped it into the tun. But the result is surprisingly good… really good! Great mix of sweetness and bitterness finished off with a smoky aftertaste. Wish this brew was available more than just the 1 time per year…


Best dfw beer IMO.

Zappa Stache

Smoky in an Audrey Hepburn way. Raspberry is masked and left with au poivre taste but in a way that makes you hard. Franz smiles..not likely

Brewsatz Haderach

Haven’t turned into a giant cockroach yet, so false advertising.

Ross Lancaster

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