Lemon Icebox Pie - 5.4%

Lemon Sour Ale with Graham Crackers & Lactose

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So what is Lemon Icebox Pie. Well it’s probably the most complex sour we’ve released up to now. It’s sweet and sour of course. Lemon and slight graham cracker mouthfeel. Whipped cream, marshmallow on the backend. It’s liquid pie. It’s candy. You could really drink 1,000 of these. Lemon Icebox Pie (5.4%) is the future of sour beers.


April 2019
Draft and 6-pack 12oz cans

Here’s What People are Saying.


Holy cow this is amazing!

Nate Escobedo

Yep. They nailed it.

Bryan Baxter

Delicious! Very interesting flavors. Legit tastes exactly like a lemon pie. It’s almost scary.

Richard Cone

Perfect blend of lemon, Graham cracker and a softness that is not overly lemon. Summer porch ponder for sure. Thanks for the taste DJ!

KRH 13

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