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Magnolia Malt Liquor

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Magnolia Malt Liquor is a brew we’ve been wanting to make for a while now. This craft malt liquor puts all others to shame with regard to both flavor profile and alcohol content. It’s certainly a bigger beer, coming in at 8.7%abv, but the taste is what really sets it apart. You’ll get a rich malt profile with an additional sweetness from the use of flaked corn. MML is available June 2018 in 4pack 12oz cans. No 40’s this year. Maybe next time…

Adventure Pairing:

This beer is an homage to all of our industry friends and family in the Fairmount district on beautiful Magnolia Ave in Fort Worth. Pour one out for the homies. You know what to do.


June 2018
Draft and 4-pack 12oz cans

Here’s what people are saying.

Martin House doesn’t disappoint! Rich malt beer with a sweet finish.

Lyndy Black

Rich Sweet Malty with a little boozyness – pretty damn good tbh haha – wish I bought more.

Chris Palovik

Sweet malty goodness. Had to come in a 40 oz next time.


Malty sweet slight boozyness really great malt liquor it’s okay to go trashy and fancy at the same time great malt liquor I support this.

Dylan Cherry

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