Tequila Barrel-Aged Salty Lady

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In ancient Aztec mythology, there was a beautiful goddess they called Mayahuel. She was known throughout the land as the protector of fertility and nourishment. One day in a brutal ambush by the evil deity Tzitzimitl, Mayahuel was killed and from her grave rose the precious agave plant. It seemed only fitting that we dub this tequila barrel-aged beer, Mayahuel. Our gose, The Salty Lady, sat in fresh tequila barrels for 4 months to create this brew. You’ll find the tequila barrels certainly compliment the tart and citrus characteristics of our beloved Salty Lady, while adding the mellow taste of savory agave.

Adventure Pairing:

Honestly, we could’ve paired any of our brews with eating tacos, but when we created Mayahuel, there was no resisting. The tart and citrus from the Salty Lady mixed with the oak and tequila from the barrel make Mayahuel the perfect can to sip with a plate of al pastor.


May 2018
2-pack 12oz cans

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