Kombucha Sour with Prickly Pear and Ginger

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It’s always exciting for us here at Martin House to partner up with another local business for a collaboration. This one in particular, might be the tastiest collaboration we’ve done yet! We paired up with our friends at Holy Kombucha to bring you a KOMBUCHA BEER! We call this one Nectar. It is a beer brewed with over 500 gallons of Holy Kombucha. We added 200 gallons of prickly pear and just enough ginger to give this sour beer the perfect kombucha twist. Nectar released August 2018 and is available in 6packs and draft for a limited time.

Adventure Pairing:

Our friends at Holy Kombucha have a saying. It’s “Drink Well, Do Better.” It’s a phrase so perfect for Martin House, I wish we came up with it ourselves. Because of that, this adventure pairing is wellness. While we certainly enjoy our fair share of beers here at Martin House, we’re fortunate that we can balance out our beer consumption with some outdoor activities in our beautiful backyard. As of late, we’ve even been introducing Holy Kombucha into our daily diet and even mixing it with other beers like the Salty Lady and True Love. Take care of your body. Drink beer. Drink kombucha. And most importantly, drink well, do better!


August 2018
Draft and 6-pack 12oz cans

Here’s What People are Saying.

Sour/Tart… It’s like a cross between Star Wars and The Sound of Music with a bit of The Departed! 🍻

Darren S.

Man oh man, this is crisp, refreshing, freaking good. Martin house doesn’t fail yall.

Marlon R.

I love it! Perfect amount of nectar and prickly pear! Delightful.

Brett R.

My 1st alcoholic Kombucha. Great flavor, great sour tang, love the ginger-yum!


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