Old Mose

Old Mose

Wine Barrel-Aged Belgian Quad with Figs and Plums

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He was the king of grizzlies. They called him “Old Mose” on account of his moseying swagger. He had a composed irreverence for anything that stood in his path. Old Mose staggered over 10ft in height and could rip a man or beast in half with just a swipe of his paw.  Much like the legend, this beer appropriately dubbed Old Mose is not to be underestimated. We brewed this quad with three different yeast strains and added figs and plums to create a rich, boozy treat. At 13.3%abv, this wine barrel-aged Belgian Quad is a truly savage experience.

Adventure Pairing:

The legend of Old Mose is certainly one to be respected. The hunt for the great grizzly and the history of his terror can be found here.


December 2017
2-pack 12oz cans

Here’s What People are Saying.

Complex, fruity, and not boozy for 13%+

Drew W.

Delicious. The fig, plum, and wine flavors balance perfectly.


Pretty boozy but beware of the fig wasp 🐝

Natalie A.

Fig, plum, quad, barrel age. Life is is good.

Greg L.

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