Pachuco - 8%

Tequila Barrel-Aged Agave & Guava Sour

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They ran the streets and looked damn good doing it. The pachuco originates in the old town of El Paso, or Chuco Town, in the early 50’s and 60’s. The pachuco was easily identifiable. He had a very distinguished look, dawning zoot-suits and wide brimmed hats, you could spot a pachuco from a mile away.

At Martin House, Pachuco is the tequila barrel-aged version of El Chuco, our agave and guava sour ale. This beer was aged in tequila barrels for four months and clocks in at 8%abv. The aging results in a blend of the tart and sweet flavors with a little heat and oakiness from the fresh tequila barrels.

Pachuco is a drink for rebels, much like the pachucos and pachucas of times past. Take the time to appreciate each sip. And just try to stay out of trouble.


August 2019
Draft and 2-pack 12oz cans

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