Whiskey Barrel-Aged Imperial Passion Fruit Sour

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In ancient Greek history, Pomona was known as the goddess of fruit. When we brewed this crazy, imperial fruited sour and poured it into whiskey barrels, we had no idea what the result would be. After a few months of aging we gave her the initial taste test. The result was an intensely fruity, aromatic, and whiskey filled, passion fruit symbiosis. Pomona was born. We aged her for 7 months in fresh whiskey barrels and she now clocks in at 8.9%abv. Full of rich fruit and smooth tartness, Pomona is sure to please any sour beer aficionado.


November 2018
Draft and 2-pack 12oz cans

Here’s What People are Saying.

Oaky, whiskey, passion fruit sour! Incredible whiskey barrel nose. I really like this and whiskey sours.

Oh Sleeper

Very unique flavor profile. It comes in a wave of three layers for me.

Lindsey Lee

Sour funky tart pucker . Another MH Hit.


You can taste the passion fruits with the warmth of whiskey at the end. So good!!!

Heidi Powell

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