Pretzel Stout

Pretzel Stout

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That’s right, The Original Pretzel Stout.  This 6.5% abv stout is as black as oil and is brewed with over six pounds of crushed sourdough pretzels per barrel.  Guess what?  There’s no style guideline for this one.  The salty fingerprint of the pretzels works with the sweet and roasty flavors of the chocolate malted & roasted barley to give this beer a flavor that is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Adventure Pairing:

There Will Be Stout – Pretzel Stout – on a cool spring Texas evening after a long day of climbing at Enchanted Rock, you deserve it.


December 2017

6pack and Draft

Here’s What People are Saying.

“The chocolate malted and roasted barley help in giving it a chocolaty, coffee taste that compliments the thick, yeasty texture provided by the pretzel. It is thick, black and chewy. […] The salt from the pretzels is barely recognizable in the background but does add some interest. […]it is quite magnificent and we enjoyed it so much that it is now in our top 10 favorite beers produced in north Texas….. nah, make that in the top 5. “

Bon Vivant

“Really impressive! A stout that delivers on taste. Breathe through your nose to pick up on the sourdough!”

John M.

Favorite beer by far. Way to go Martin house.

James E.

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