River Horse

River Horse

Barrel Aged Brett Saison

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River Horse is a whale of a beer based on our River House Saison.  The base recipe is similar to River House, but stronger.  After the beer has undergone a primary fermentation in our stainless steel tanks with our custom River House saison yeast blend, we transfer the beer to oak barrels that were once used to age cabernet wine.  We add a type of yeast called brettanomyces bruxellensis (known as “Brett”).  The beer spends 11 months in the barrel with this wonderful brett to create a beer that is funky, wild, complex, dry and just a bit tart.

Adventure Pairing:

The strange but wonderful flavors of River Horse require patience, finesse, and the cooperation of a wonderful yeast we call Brett.  Much like dressage, where a majestic beast must cooperate with its trainer and rider to perform a graceful horse ballet requiring years of practice.  A beer as elegant and magnificent as River Horse must be paired with the most dignified and regal sports.  It is fortuitous that dressage exists for this pairing.


April 2017
Draft and 2can Box Format
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