River House

River House

A Texas Saison

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The River House is a pale colored and sessionable beer at about 5% abv.  We created this beer to satisfy the thirst of both aficionados and novices.  The River House Saison is something refreshing and easy drinking, but with an exciting and fascinating flavor.  A special yeast blend created by Martin House gives this beer hints pepper and earthiness.  Plenty of flavor and aroma hops yield a floral and citrusy essence.

Adventure Pairing:

Throw a few in your cooler, put your cooler in a kayak, and join a few of your closest friends. You’ve got the making of weekend trip you won’t soon forget.


July 2017

6pack and Draft

Here’s What People are Saying.

“it stays dry, clean and extremely sessionable. By far, this is the closest to the strictly historical saison style that I’ve encountered, and probably would not be out of place on a nineteenth-century Walloon farm.”

Paul Hightower

“Good beer for the non-beer snob population. Easy.”

Jonathan S.

“Excellent! Complex Flavors and brisk. Good finish to my Ft Worth half marathon.”

Joseph M.

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