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About the Riverside Shootout Series

Every April we host our Annual home brewers competition called The Riverside Shootout and every November we release the winner’s recipe for all to taste.  We encourage Riverside Shootout entrants to exercise their creativity and show us something we hadn’t thought of before.  Instead of judging the beer based on style like most beer competitions, we judge every entrant as a best-of-show.  We summon the help of our fellow brewers, employees, friends, and family and choose the beer we like the best.  Each year, that beer becomes the Riverside Shootout beer.  It’ll be around for only one month and may never return.  Get it while you can.

Version 1 - 2014

Porter Aged on Spanish Cedar


Our inaugural Riverside Shootout Homebrew Competition produced several outstanding brews, but this Spanish Cedar Aged Porter stood above the rest and bagged the first prize. Doug & Rusty Baldwin of the homebrew team “The Other Baldwin Brothers” created a dark, rich, & malty porter, but they didn’t stop there. The brothers drew from another shared hobby, wood-working, and brought some unique & aromatic spanish cedar into the fermentor. After spending a few weeks on the cedar, the porter starts to take on that distinctive cigar-box aroma and flavor. The beer is hopped with a bit of Brewers Gold and the finished product is a perfectly balanced gold-medal porter with a full-bodied and unforgettable flavor.

Adventure Pairing:

Spanish Cedar has the type of strong, unique, and distinctive aroma that immediately sends you down memory lane. This beer’s evocative aromas translate into big flavors. Drinking this brew brings to mind an old cigar box filled with mementos of adventures past. Enjoy this rich, warming beer with a cigar in a comfy leather chair, and let the scents and tastes bring back those crazy river trips and pre-dawn hikes.



Draft Only

Here’s What People are Saying.

Many flavor. Delicious much.


Smooth, complex without the sweetness of other flavored porters. Cedar hints move through well.


Dark brown to black pour with a tan head. The aroma has some big chocolate notes as well as some light wood. The flavor is a mix of chocolate, ash, roasted malt and a cedar box. I also get some herbal notes. Medium mouthfeel and medium carbonation. Very nice beer.


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