Rubberneck Red

Rubberneck Red

I Come From the Water. - The Official Beer of The Toadies

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The brewers at Martin House were honored to work directly with the Toadies to develop a recipe that suited us both perfectly.  More than anything, we wanted it to be a beer that the band would want to drink while they played music.  We sat down with the band and tasted several beers together.  They loved the hop flavor in the Imperial Texan, so thats where we started with this recipe.  We wanted something lower in alcohol so it could be enjoyed from the opening act until the epic Toadies encore.  We built the recipe with caramel and Munich malts to give the beer a solid malty flavor, a bold red color, and 5% alcohol.  We went easy on the bittering hops and heavy on the flavor hops to give it just the right amount tropical fruit and piney flavor.  Lastly, we serenaded the yeast with non-stop Toadies music to give it just hint of Rock ‘n’ Roll. This is how the official beer of the Toadies, Rubberneck Red, was born.  Its an easy-drinking, refreshing beer with enough flavor to get excited about.

Adventure Pairing:

The adventure here is simple and self-evident.  Getting together drums and a couple of guitars for some thrashing is highly recommended while drinking this beer.  Can’t play an instrument?  Thats ok, you can just rock-out.  Enjoy Rubberneck Red with the new 20th Anniversary Rubberneck album for a true Fort Worth sensory experience.


No Longer in Production.
4-Pack 16 oz Cans
On Draft

Here’s What People are Saying.

“I’m not a real beer snob, so I don’t really know the terms, but it’s good. It’s sessionable, which means you can drink a shit-ton of it. It’s not real heavy, but it’s not a pansy beer, either.”

Vaden Todd Lewis

If you’ve had The Imperial Texan, you’ll notice similarities. It features many of the same hop flavors and a similar semi-sweet malt backbone, but Martin House was successful in brewing a beer that retains a full body without being difficult to drink…

Scooter Hendon

Holy crap!!! So good!!!

Les Bennett

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