The Salty Lady

The Salty Lady


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The Salty Lady is our interpretation of a Gose – a rather obscure, tart, salty German style beer.  Our version is soured in the kettle with a lactic culture.  The tartness is tempered by salt additions from around the world and finished with coriander for a citrus and earthy touch.  We ferment with our house saison yeast to put our own little spin on the style.  Its flavor is reminiscent of a sports drink at the end of a 110 degree day.

Adventure Pairing:

This unique Texas summer beer pairs best with a unique Texas summer activity.  The limestone cliffs that line the lakes and rivers of the Brazos river valley call out to us – “Jump”.  We must listen to them and dive into the cold water below.  Then, we must listen to the siren’s song of The Salty Lady – and drink it.



Year Round
Draft Only
6-pack 12oz cans

Here’s What People are Saying.

The Salty Lady is light on the palate and the bite from the coriander, souring from the lactic cultures and drying qualities from the salt, creates a spot-on summertime treat.  It might sound strange to compare the two, but Salty Lady is a bit like drinking lemon-lime Gatorade — if lemon-lime Gatorade had depth, complexity, nuance and alcohol.

Scooter Hendon

Pours a cloudy light yellow color with a white foamy head. Aroma is wow! Complex. Floral hops, spicy notes, grapefruit and a touch of tartness. Flavor is very refreshing. Salt, tart, earthy fruit, with a very clean finish. Well done guys!


Sour, light, lemony, salty…. Tasty

Joy Groeschel

It’s like salt coated lemony goodness in your mouth!

Kaleigh Emert

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