Saturday IPA

Saturday IPA

8% IPA with Blood Orange

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Saturday IPA is the follow up to our year-round brew, Friday IPA. It’s lower on the ibu scale but is a bit boozier with a heavier mouthfeel. Saturday’s hops include: Mandarina Bavaria, Zythos, and Hull Melon. As you would assume, these select hops give this brew the perfect touch of citrus. To compliment the hops, we also added 200lbs of blood orange puree which completes this fruity 8% abv IPA.


Adventure Pairing:

Saturday’s are for the dogs! There’s no better way to spend a nice Saturday afternoon in the fall than by hanging with your pup. Grab a 4pack of Saturday IPA and take man’s best friend on an adventure. Whether you’re hitting up the local dog park or visiting the beautiful backyard at MHBC, Saturday IPA is the way to go.


October 2017
4-pack 12oz cans



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