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Why wait until October? It’s name is close to the more familiar October beers you’ve heard of, but it doesn’t have much more in common.  The Martin House fall seasonal is brewed to 6% abv with oats, caramel malts, and cherry wood smoked malts.  We use a Munich malts for the base of this beer giving it defined malty flavor, perfect for the fall weather.  The oatmeal lends a smooth and velvety mouthfeel.  The smoked malts give the beer just a hint of smoke flavor.  We add generous portions of Chinook and Northern Brewer hops for flavor.  While SeptemberFest is hoppier than most brown ales, its not overwhelming and compliments the maltiness perfectly.

Adventure Pairing:

The cool thing about fishing in Texas is that it can be as adventurous as you want it be.  You could be off the coast of NorthPadre Island fishing for sharks out of a kayak or standing on the bank of the Devil’s River after an insane canoe ride.  But, you could also be sitting in a rocking chair next to the tiny pond at grandma’s house.  Either way, SeptemberFest compliments the activity perfectly.


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Here’s What People are Saying.

“Roasted malts. Light to medium body. Very smooth, goes down easy. […] Nailed the in-between season.  Another solid offering from Martin House. They have not let me down yet.”


“Solid brown from the guys at Martin House. A nice little substitute for a Marzen. Very sessionable.”


“Excellent Fall Beer. Roasty and Malty.”

Trenton H.

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