Short Order Porter - 8.8%

Imperial Breakfast Porter w/ Hazelnut, Cacao Nibs, Coffee and Maple Syrup.

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About the Beer:

Short Order Porter is the second porter we’ve ever created and the first imperial porter. This beer is overflowing with the best flavors of breakfast, it’s ridiculous. SOP is an 8.8%abv beer brewed with cacao nibs, coffee, hazelnut, and maple syrup. This genius brew is the creation of our friend Smitty (the guy on the can) of SmittoX Brewing. He is the winner of our Riverside Shootout Homebrew competition. Short Order Porter is available Nov 2018. Cheers!


November 2018
Draft and 4-pack 12oz cans

Here’s What People are Saying.

Hazelnut, maple, coffee and chocolate? Yes, please. Not just for breakfast, but all day. Good shiz. Thanks, Meeeekie!

Jay W.

The maple is a subtle game changer.


Big maple, coffee and roasted flavor. Picking up some chocolate notes on the very end. Very good.

Mike Hawkins

It’s like the best aspects of a carmel-y and hazelnut coffee…in a beer! I love it! Cheers!


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