Sugar & Spice

Sugar & Spice

A Spiced American Barleywine

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Sugar & Spice is our winter warmer – and at 12% ABV it really does the trick. This enormous ale has a simple malt bill, but is brewed with liberal portions of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, vanilla, and the secret ingredient: piloncillo,  an unrefined Mexican brown sugar

Adventure Pairing:

Winter time in Texas is best enjoyed around a big bonfire.  Sugar & Spice is perfect for warming your lumberjack (0r lumberjane) soul.  Put on your flannel shirt, grab your axe, and chop some firewood.   You’re going to need this bonfire to burn long into the night whilst sipping your Sugar & Spice.  The fire keeps you warm on the outside and Sugar & Spice keeps you warm on the inside.


4-pack 12oz cans

Here’s What People are Saying.

“The name couldn’t have said it any better, a beautiful beer”

Maxwell H.

“Sweet but not heavy. Happy spice flavors remind me of sugarplums.”


“Bold and balanced with a light roasty flavor in the front and a robust spice in the middle. Full body and a very complex flavor, but smooth.”


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