Tantalus- 10%

Red and White Wine Barrel-Aged Imperial Raspberry Sour

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As a once favored mortal son of Zeus, Tantalus was welcomed to dine with the gods on Mount Olympus. Coveting their celestial food, Tantalus desired to bring back ambrosia to his fellow man so that they may gain the life and knowledge of the gods. Once his treachery was discovered he was banished from Olympus, and after his death was made to suffer in Tartarus for eternity.

As his punishment, the gods made him to stand in a pool of water beneath a fruit tree. Every time he reached up for a piece of fruit to eat, the branches would stretch higher out of reach. While if he bent down for a drink of water, the pool would recede beneath the sand.

Inside this 2pack box, you’ll find a first for Martin House! This mixed box contains two cans of Imperial True Love (10%abv raspberry sour ale) that were aged in barrels for four months. One of the beers was aged in white wine casks the other in red wine barrels.

Grab ahold of this heavenly combination while you’re able, for to not taste this tantalizing offering would be sheer torture.



May 2019
Draft and 2-pack 12oz cans

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