The Farm

Wine Barrel-Aged Imperial Saison with Brett

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The Farm would be considered a special treat for only the most sophisticated of craft beer connoisseurs. The Farm is a 9.8%abv imperial saison that was oak-aged for 14 months in cabernet barrels. Once inside the barrel, we added a type of yeast called brettanomyces (known as “brett”). We used 4 different strains: brux.var.drei, bruxellensis, claussenii, and lambicus. The addition of brett, when combined with the red wine barrels and saison yeast, creates a very funky, wild, complex, and dry brew. So why did we call it The Farm? It’s a farmhouse beer. The darkness of this artwork is only exceeded by its deliciousness.

Adventure Pairing:

It was a dark and stormy day in Fort Worth, TX when The Farm was released. It was only coincidental that the adventure pairing for this beer is watching thunderstorms. Whether you’re sitting on sitting under the shade of the barn or posted up on your front porch, this wine barrel-aged saison seems to taste even better as you watch the lightening strike and hear the raindrops hit the roof.


September 2018
Draft and 2-pack 12oz cans

Here’s What People are Saying.

When I retire, I want to find myself overlooking a field of green with livestock grazing on the earth’s bounty and me soaking in the sun.

Tyler Snyder

The art is in the subtlety. It’s not really sour. Almost floral. Barn yard funk matched with sweet and barrel smoothness. Want more.

Dustin G.

funky, musty and deep. tastes of toiling in a field and rewards reaped. the booze is hiding but the flavor isn’t.


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