The Morrigan

The Morrigan

Jameson Barrel-Aged Blonde Barleywine

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In ancient Irish mythology, there was an all-powerful being they called The Morrigan. Known as the Goddess of War, Fate, and Death, The Morrigan was a shapeshifter who could predict death and topple armies. Once Jameson approached us with the idea of creating a new brew together, we had the perfect beer in mind. The Morrigan is a 12.2%abv blonde barleywine that was aged in Jameson Irish Whiskey barrels for 3 months. The end result is a beautifully boozy ale that boasts strong flavors of rich oak and smooth vanilla. Take caution while sipping this rare nectar and pray the Phantom Queen isn’t watching overhead.

Adventure Pairing:

As with any barleywine worth its salt, a few sips of The Morrigan may stir feelings of terror and greatness. You may even feel like adopting the Goddess’s penchant for pillaging. We suggest that you spare the neighboring village and opt instead for a round of hurling: the ancient Gaelic game with prehistoric roots, dating back 3000 years. It’s the world’s fastest field sport and requires no protective padding – just your hurley, your sliotar, and your thirst for glory on the battlefield. (Or on the pitch. Same deal.)


February 2018
2-pack 12oz cans

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Boozy. Sweet. (Whisper) Vanilla!

Anna C.

I’m so glad I stocked up on this.

Brian A.

the life is quite strong with this. impressive.

Dustin G.

Okay so this is a process you do a shot of Jameson and Chase it with this beer.

Linda C.

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