Sea Witch

Sea Witch

Whiskey Barrel Aged Black Gose

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Hello dark world. Meet The Salty Lady’s evil sister – The Sea Witch. The witch is a spin on our much beloved gose made with black Hawaiian lava salt, coriander, and roasted malts. Its stronger, its darker, its more tart, and its 100% whiskey barrel aged. Drinking the Sea Witch is a bold and unforgivingly satiating experience.

Adventure Pairing:

Born out of pure jealously, the Sea Witch practiced pure black magic to spawn herself from one rib of each of her more popular sisters, The Salty Lady and The Queen of the Mist. The Sea Witch possesses black magic that emanates from the torrid depths of the earth and manifests itself from volcanoes in the Pacific. Drink a Sea Witch and see what you can do with the black magic powers it might bestow upon you.


November 2017


2-pack 12oz cans

Here’s What People are Saying.

Phenomenal, classic whiskey barrel flavor on top of the classic salty lady taste.

Jeff N

Enjoyable. Sublte whiskey and molasses notes, salty lady is strong throughout. Keeps me sippin at it. New tones with each sip.

Brent D

DAMN this is amazing.


I’m obsessed. Black Sea salt. A sour that’s dark and malty. This will haunt my dreams.

Crystal D

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