Thunder Horse

Thunder Horse

Wine Barrel Aged Pretzel Stout with Brett

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Our second ever wine barrel aged brett beer(after it’s cousin River Horse), Thunder Horse may be our most brutal creation yet. The base beer Pretzel Stout is poured into fresh cabernet barrels and aged with brettanomyces for 8 months. The wine and brett flavors really come through on the nose, with a slightly salty character on first sip. Thunder Horse ends a bit roasty and boozy, as the dark malts blend into the red wine barrels. If you’re looking for elaborate flavors and a higher abv barrel aged beer, Thunder Horse has got you covered.

Adventure Pairing:

As you delve into the stormy darkness, you should realize you are not alone. The Thunder Horse will be your guide on this spirit quest of epic flavor proportions. This barrel aged stout is unparalleled. The flavor is like something you’ve never tasted before. Open your mind and palate and appreciate the complexity of everything that is Thunder Horse.


Very Rare
Draft Only

Here’s What People are Saying.

This completely transformed the body of the stout. It’s far more sharp and less heavy. It has a distinct red wine type after taste.

Boat Boat

Amazing. So balanced, wine barrel and Brett adds nicely

Todd Van Drie

Wow. Tingles on the tongue.

David Davenport

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