Turtle Power

Turtle Power

Blackberry Altbier

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This philanthropic seasonal was inspired by a Turtles favorite treat – blackberries.  It turns out that brewers love blackberries as much as their reptilian cohorts. The strong malt and hop body of this altbier mixes well with the flavor of the blackberries for an excellent fall time treat.  We’re brewing this beer to bring awareness to the plight of land based turtles and tortoises and the wonderful organization that leads this good fight – the Turtle Survival Alliance.  Martin House will be making a donation to these fine folks, and we hope to recruit you, our faithful beer drinking customers, to become involved as well.

Adventure Pairing:

Saving turtles is hard work and our friends at the Turtle Survival Alliance need a beer to help them stay focused on their mission of transforming passion for turtles into effective conservation action through a global network of living collections and recovery programs.



Mid October


4pack 12oz cans


Here’s What People are Saying.

Best Alt beer I believe I’ve had.

B.J. Burnett

It’s pretty cool. Malty, with a nice blackberry juiciness riding along.

Men of the Beer

Adult mutant highly-martial-arts-trained turtles?!?! Awesome!… this bier is Donatello smart with Mikey party. F**k Rafael. He’s a d**k

Francisco Carrero

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