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Yakima Valley Apple

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When the leaves start to turn up in Yakima Valley, that means the apples couldn’t be riper. We got these delicious apples shipped down from the Pacific NW and put ‘em into our very first graf (cider-beer hybrid) just in time for Fall. We partnered up with our buddies at Bishop Cider Co in Dallas to create a solid apple beer that is lightly hopped but full of flavor. Yakima is not too sweet and perfectly balanced, like a relaxing fall afternoon in a can. It’s not weighed down by adjunct spices or high ABV. It is sessionable, simple, and sure to be a new favorite among both beer and cider lovers alike.

Adventure Pairing:

The temperature isn’t too high and we can finally enjoy a sunset out on the patio. Whether you’re up North catching a glimpse of the snowcapped Mount Rainier, or you’re down South watching the sun set on beautiful North Texas afternoon, the flavor of Yakima is sure to keep you company along the way.


September 2017
6-pack 12oz cans

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