With so much activity going on (buying our brewhouse and attempting to lease a building), our beer stockpiles were getting dangerously low. So, this weekend I headed over to Cody’s place for a backyard brew session. As I write this, I’m sitting on the porch watching Cody bustle about the backyard- my offer to “help” was appreciated, but there’s only so much work to go around. I’m sure when it comes time to clean, there will be plenty to do.

Fortunately, it’s actually a pleasant temperature in the shade, and Roscoe the MHB brew dog is excellent company. The “Real Housewives of Martin House Brewing” are putting chicken on the grill, so I am anticipating a sure-to-be-splendid lunch. All in all, it’s got the makings of a good day.

The intended fate of the beer we’re brewing (beside personal consumption) is to have samples for all the events and sale calls coming up in the near future. Now that we have made progress in fundraising and building the brewery, our focus can shift more towards getting our name out. The plan is to sit down and figure out what events make the most sense for us to host or sponsor. We’re also planning on putting together a list of places that might be interested in selling our beer, and then paying them a visit. Our theory is now that we have a system on order and an address (knock on wood),  we have the requisite credibility to start promotion in earnest. We should be able to answer the question “when can I get some” with more precision than in the past when we were still scraping together dollars.

Anyway, we’re excited about making deeper connections in the craft beer community, as well as making some inroads with traditional beer drinkers. If you have any ideas about where you’d like to see Martin House Beer- cool upcoming events or your favorite place for a pint- please let us know. We’d love your input and hopefully we’ll be there before too long.

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