My name is Dylan Stefanos, and I am professionally known as a one of the Sales Bros at Martin House Brewing Company, but I am also one of the 5 greatest rappers alive (the others are: Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, and Dylan). I spit hot fire. In typical Dylan fashion this bio is about 11 months overdue. Good thing there’s no late fee.

The history of Dylan begins in Royse City, TX, which is on the east side of Dallas. Cody is my brother, so I’ve been around the brewery more or less since things got started, but eventually I got tired of drinking his beer for free and decided that maybe he should pay me to do it. In all seriousness I fell in love with craft beer, Martin House, and Fort Worth. I decided to move to Fort Worth and start down the long path of working at MHBC in the summer of 2014, moved into doing deliveries in January 2015, and now I’m the Sales Bro that you know and love.

Likes: Texas Rangers, Harleys, disk golf, hacky sack, long walks on the beach, drinking beers, and doing sales deals.

To know me is to drink beers with me. That’s usually what you’ll find me doing at tours and festivals, along with the aforementioned hacky sack. I’m lucky that I get to spend my time spreading the gospel of great beer and that I have the opportunity to meet awesome folks along the way.

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