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Our Version of a Mission Statement

Martin House Brewing Company is a team of brewers, explorers, and dreamers.  We avoid tradition in favor of adventure, both in brewing and in life.  We value good ingredients and good people, and each of our beers pairs perfectly with life’s memorable moments.  We want to be the handcrafted beer you and your friends choose when celebrating your most recent adventure or planning the next one.  Martin House – Made in Texas by Texans.

Martin House Founders

The Name

The Martin House Brewing Company name comes from its Founders and from a symbol synonymous with the company’s values. The Purple Martin is a native Texan who nests in shared “houses.”  He is well-known for his aerial acrobatics, and Texans love watching him catch all of his food in flight.  Just like the folks who make and enjoy Martin House beer, the adventurous Purple Martin enjoys fellowship and good times. Martin House Brewery’s founders are proud of the fact that everything got started in the original Martin home garage. The delight we take in hands-on craftsmanship and in sharing an artisanal beer with friends and family in our neighborhood perfectly captures the essence of our brand.

Company Identity

We’re starting an adventure with friends and making great beer a way of life, and above all we’re doing it with passion. Martin House is dedicated to our core beliefs: doing what we love with our friends and having a great time doing it. In the long run, we intend to run the type of business in which our customers are simply an extension of our team and the brand.

The People

Good friends working together –it’s the key to the how our company is managed. Martin House has experienced and talented people in every area of our business who are dedicated to making the brewery a success. We consider ourselves pretty lucky to have friends like these.

Cody Martin – Founder & Brewery Engineer

Cody has an intense love of craft beer and everything it represents, and this love was the catalyst for starting Martin House Brewing.  Cody graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington in 2005 with a degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering, and began his career with an environmental engineering company designing, building, and operating large-scale environmental remediation systems.  He has been home-brewing since 2005, and his beers have delighted his friends and family ever since. Cody was able to combine his education, professional experience and personal passion when he started Martin House Brewing Company. When he’s not making craft beer, Cody enjoys urban canoeing, building steel bridges, biking, hiking, camping, and spinning in his chair.  Read his blog introduction here.

David Wedemeier – Founder & Business Development

David signed on with Martin House after it became apparent that this was an adventure he was not going to miss.  David earned his MBA from UT Dallas in 2005, and has a BA in Business Administration from UT Dallas as well. David began his career in the telecom industry in 2006 in a sales executive training program, and went on to head several business-to-business sales teams. David enjoys doing anything outdoors including mountain biking, running, tennis, and of course enjoying a tasty Martin House brew afterwards. Read his blog introduction here.

Adam Myers – Founder & Plant Manager

Adam loves construction and building, and he loves to build it himself with blood, sweat, and bad words.  Cody, Anna, and David asked Adam to join their team shortly after the project was funded.  Adam graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2005 and worked with Cody as a civil engineer after college.  Adam and Cody developed their love for craft beer together, and Adam helped Cody with his very first batch of homebrew.  Get further inside Adam’s psyche by reading his blog introduction.

Anna Martin – Founder & President

Wine and cocktail drinker turned craft brew aficionado Anna Martin knew a brewery was in her future after buying Cody his first home brew kit as a birthday gift. Anna graduated with honors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a double major in advertising and Spanish, and then built her career in sales and marketing for both industrial and consumer products.  Anna is passionate about traveling, family/friends, cycling, running, dancing, kayaking, practicing yoga and walking her dog, Roscoe.


Mike Welsh – Brewer

Mike started at Martin House as a dedicated tour attendee.  He loved it so much he started working at tours and helping run the canning machine.  After running about 100,000 cans through the machine we decided to bring him on full time.  Goose, Miss Bootsey, and The Hutch keep him occupied during his free time.  Read his blog introduction here.



Shugg – Sales & Marketing

Shugg does sales and marketing for MHBC. He’s a pretty cool guy, with an even cooler beard.  He grew up in Lufkin, Texas and got a college degree from UNT in the little D.  When he’s not slinging Martin House beer, he’s kayaking and hanging out with his brothers – Ice and Destroyer.  If you want to really get to know Shugg, you’ll have to stroke his beard.  Read Shugg’s blog introduction here.



Dylan Stefanos – Beer Sales

Dylan started hanging around MHBC when his brother Cody was building the brewery. Like many full time employees, he first began working on the canning line. When he wasn’t canning, he was cleaning tanks and learning cellar work. After a few months of part-time work, he was offered a delivery job which then lead to a successful future in sales. Read Dylan’s introduction blog here. 




Josh Tree Neimand Marcus – Off Premise Master

Josh used to be a NYC boy the sold cassette tapes.  Fast forward a few years and he found himself in the beer business in Fort Worth.  We met him hanging out with friends at a bar and he seemed to have the talents needed to fill a void we had. He came on board and made our beer displays look great all over town.  In his free time, he’s a pro wrestling and roller derby enthusiast and loves coaching his girlfriend’s  kickball team. Read Josh’s blog introduction here.




Mike Coutu – Head Brewer

Mike Coutu got his start at Martin House as a regular tour-goer. After a little over a year of hanging out he left his career in the United States Navy to pursue his dream to become a craft brewer. Mike started out as a delivery driver, worked his way up to packaging, cellarman, and is now a brewer. He also founded and leads the Martin House Beer Run which happens every Saturday at 1pm at the brewery!
When not brewing Mike spends his time ultrarunning, camping, hiking, traveling, and drinking good beer. He lives with his wife and two dogs on Stars Above Ranch (sound familiar?) outside of Granbury, TX.




Chelsea Pena – Beer Sales

Chelsea came to us the same way most of our employees do as a regular at tours. We brought her on after a few months of hanging out to run tours and amp up our merch game cause we knew she would kill it. She grew up in Ovilla, Texas and played volleyball throughout college. Her competitive nature was apparent and in early 2017 we moved her to sales where she is owning it. When she’s not slinging beer, she’s loving on ALL the animals she can find or kicking our ass in fantasy football. Read Chelsea’s introduction blog here. 




Rowan Kratz – Deliveries

A longtime patron, Rowan has been coming to the Brewery since year one. He started hanging out at MHBC in November 2015, which led to his employment in June 2016. He has worked in several positions including canning, prepping pallets for drivers, and now as a delivery driver. Born and raised in Fort Worth, he is a local sports fanatic when it comes to MLB and NBA. However, Rowan’s dad brought him up to be a Denver Broncos fan and he holds true to it. In his free time you can find him playing video games or at a local disc golf course enjoying some brews.




Veronica Villegas – Tour Coordinator

Veronica is our lovely office manager and tour/tasting coordinator.  She was in retail for about 15 years and decided to call it quits expecting to be a stay at home wifey; well that did not happen.  When she’s not kicking ass at tastings she loves to spend time with her fur babies and boyfriend J.C. See Veronica’s blog introduction here.




Matt Hay – Cellarman

Hey, my name is Matt! Born in Los Angeles, then moved to Austin, and then here to Fort Worth. I have worked at Martin House as a delivery driver and now, as a helper with the production of the beer you all love. Other than work I’m usually hanging with my wife, Andrea, out camping, playing with my dogs, or trying to grill some meat.




John Wright – Deliveries

John grew up in Fort Worth, about 5 miles away from the brewery. He has a B.S. in Zoology from The University of Oklahoma, but decided beer was way cooler and joined up at Martin House in January 2018. When he’s not delivering beer to the thirsty people of Texas, John is trying his hand at homebrewing, playing board games, solving Rubik’s cubes, or traveling wherever he can.




Chris Talacek – Deliveries

Chris was born in Virginia Beach and grew up around D.C., then with his girlfriend moved to Texas as quick as he could. It was there that he discovered craft beer and has been obsessed with it ever since. With this love of craft beer he started hanging out during the weekly tours, then came on full time as a driver. Besides craft beer Chris also loves sports, science and all things nerdy(as told by his collection of retro video games).




DJ Crear – Beer Sales

About 5 years ago, DJ made it his mission to explore the local brewing community.  He’s traveled across city and state lines to find the best stouts, IPA’s, sours and whatever else the world has to offer.  Along the way he found his home at Martin House through fellow kickball team mate, Josh Trees.  He began as an attendee and eventually grew from a delivery bro to a sales bro.  Slanging MH brews comes natural to DJ because he loves them all.  When DJ is not at work you can find him on a patio playing corn hole, card games, or in the kitchen whipping up a new culinary creation like Salsa Verde Chicken Pozole or Pretzel Stout Irish Stew. DJ is probably one of the friendliest person you will ever meet. He is always willing to help out his fellow bros, to go out his way for the greater good of the company, is helping out where help is needed and participating in different activities the brewery offers.




Mike “Paperback” Foster – ATX Beer Sales

Mike handles the Austin market, where the MHBC crew originally found him brewing beer at one of our favorite accounts. After a couple of years filled with quality bro-sessions, he was invited into the fold. Now he roams the I-35 corridor, slinging beers and crushing food like a much less irritating Guy Fieri. When he’s not getting weird MHBC-style in Austin, Mike (aka Paperback, aka Loose Leaf/Library Card/Trapper Keeper/Book Case/Comic Book/Hard Copy) spends his time with his dog Stark, playing in his cool-guy band OverGold, grilling, chilling, and occasionally tucking into a book.




Pete Villareal – Deliveries

Pete is a Classically Trained Veteran Beerman with over a decade of beer rolling experience in the DFW market. With something like, probably over half a million cases of beer delivered in his career he is proud to be apart of the Martin House Family. When he’s not helping out around the Martin House Brewery, Pete likes to spend his free time as an amature Theoretical Time Travel Physicist and also enjoys making Skateboard movies with his broskis. He also makes bomb-ass homemade Crunchwrap Supremes and holds the Guinness World Record for “Doing Like, The Longest Keg Stand at Cordero’s House Party, That One Time..”




Kenneth Monk – Deliveries

I started coming to Martin House tours a couple years ago when I was invited by my friend Mike Coutu. After deciding to go back to school to finish my computer engineering degree, I also wanted a change of jobs. The more I started to frequent the brewery tours, I got to know some of the other cool guys who worked here. I decided to take a shot and started working at Martin house because of the environment and awesome beer. I’ve been here since Dec 2017 and it’s been great so far.



Blake Waldron – Beer Sales

Blake is one of the Dallas Sales Bros that originally grew up on the west side of Ft Worth and is proud to be selling brews for his hometown. He graduated with a degree in the arts from Stephen F. Austin and is a proud Lumberjack. When he’s not talking craft beer with the community, he’s either throwing some paint on canvas in his art studio at home or he’s outdoors with a fishing pole in one hand a cold Martin House beer in the other.




Chris Cain – Laboratory Manager

A true ‘Okie,’ Chris Cain is hardly ever seen not sp­orting some Oklahoma State University Cowboy’s gear.  When life finally brought him to the promised land of Texas, he sought out the local craft beer scene and quickly became a regular at Martin House.  It wasn’t a full year before expansion at the brewery offered him a job as a delivery driver.  Next, he moved in-house to manage inventory and take over as the driver coordinator.  However, with a background in laboratory technology and a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Chris knew his greatest influence for the business and impact on the beer could be in starting a Quality Assurance and Quality Control program.  Working closely with Cody and the brewers he now spends his time in the lab ensuring that every batch of beer is of the quality you’ve come to expect from us. Check out Chris’s blog post here.

Aria - CFO

Sam - World Renowned Microbiologist

JoJo - CEO