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Our Beer Philosophy

Martin House Brewing Company strives to create beer that becomes an extension of the lifestyles of its consumers.  Our beers range from bold and burly to bright and refreshing and are meant to be paired with life’s adventures.  The Martin House value of “Unbound by Tradition” highlights the belief that our beers will not be stymied by existing categorical guidelines.  Rather, our beers find a place to truly shine and be unique outside-of and in-between those traditional categories.  Our amazing artwork was created by our friends at 9 Digit Productions.

Why Cans & Not Bottles?

recycleBetter for the beer: protects beer better from light and oxygen. Better for the environment: recyclability and logistics. Better for Adventures: ultimate portability. Metal taste myth: Beer never touches aluminum.

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Tours & Tastings.

Daily 12-7pm.
To-Go Beer Only.
For Now.

Year Round Beers

These beers are available anytime.


Availability Limited to 1-4 Weeks Each Year

More coming soon.

Barrel Aged Beers

Super Limited Editions. All BA beers are 100% unblended for maximum flavor.

Constantly Under Development

Rarities, Oddities, & Retirees

Super Limited Editions.

Constantly Under Development