Mind on My Money

Mind On My Money

A Gin & Juice Inspired Ale

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Inspired by one of our favorite mixed drinks, this beer is pretty gangsta. Orange peel and juniper berries added to a very strong and simple base beer equal a beer you might mistake for gin and juice.

Adventure Pairing:

Sip some Mind on My Money and your mind might be on your money.  Log on to your TD Ameritrade account and make some big money trades.  You’ll be rollin’ in dough before you finish your second pint.



12oz 4pack Cans

Here’s What People are Saying.

I’ve been trying to be more like Snoop for years now. Thank you, Martin House for never disappointing and helping me get one step closer.

Danielle Skapura

Like Snoop and Dre filled a super soaker full of orange-infused crunkjuice and made it rain all over my hairsome tittays.

Jeff d.

Gin and juice in a beer…super interesting, I actually dig it from concept to product…4.2…this shits gangsta!

Griff Meyers

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