Oatmeal Hef

Oatmeal Hef

A Hefeweizen made with Oats

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With our Oatmeal Hef, we’ve put our signature Martin House spin on the traditional German hefeweizen. We’ve traded out the traditional wheat portion of the grain bill with malted and crystal oats.  Oats give this beer a silky mouthfeel and a creamy, satiny texture.  We ferment this very lightly hopped beer with the original German hefeweizen yeast strain for the classic banana, clove, and vanilla flavors of a traditional Hefeweizen.

Adventure Pairing:

Summertime. Blazin’ temps. Cool water. Cold beer. It’s an age old formula that never lets you down. We didn’t invent it, we just perfected it. When you can’t resist shining up your stick and and water-shredding (stand up paddle boarding) the Trinity, the perfect refreshment for before, during and after the ride is our Oatmeal Hef.


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Serious physical exertion isn’t required to enjoy this brew though. The crowd of friends I took to Martin House last Thursday played a few rounds of cornhole, at most, and they all found Oatmeal Hef to be plenty “refreshing.”

Jackie Hoermann

One of the best hefs I’ve had.


By swapping out the customary wheat and including crystal oats into the mash it provides this brew with a creamy, almost silk-like mouth feel with notes of both banana and clove. This is the perfect beer to start your summer day. Who said breakfast had to be boring?

Kezia Ibarra

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